Consulting Services

We offer other consulting and testing services aimed at assisting our clients understand and fulfil regulatory requirements and also safeguard their workers, assets and corporate image. We provide support for chemical selection, procurement, and warehousing, environmental incident investigation and monitoring, and third-party quality assurance auditing andĀ data review.

  • Third party audits and data review services
  • Corporate policy and procedure review
  • Interlaboratory calibration
  • Training courses on Chemical Risk Assessment, COSHH, Ecotoxicity & Bioaccumulation Testing
  • Test design and method development for special/site specific studies
  • Development of Sampling and Analysis Plans (SAP) and Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPP) that include toxicity and bioaccumulation studies
  • Biological Laboratory Set-up and ManagementĀ 
  • Baseline survey of biological components of the environment
  • Benthos and Plankton Analysis (with photography)